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    We are not our own

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    Late last year, a pair of Canadian senators, Larry Campbell and Nancy Ruth, introduced a bill in the Senate with the intention of re-opening the debate over physician-assisted suicide in Parliament. They hope to see a bill—strict safeguards in place—legalizing…Read More→

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    Against the odds

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    It’s quite the way to celebrate your love and commitment to one another. Just a few years ago, on their 25th wedding anniversary, after selling everything they owned, Darrell and Shirley Peters moved to Tanzania, Africa to build a resort….Read More→

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    Comings and goings

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    I’ve been around ChristianWeek for a while now, 14 years in November to be exact. I’ve gone through four or five job titles, lived through two major office moves, and worked with nine designers, at least 10 (probably more) editorial…Read More→