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Against the odds

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It’s quite the way to celebrate your love and commitment to one another.

Just a few years ago, on their 25th wedding anniversary, after selling everything they owned, Darrell and Shirley Peters moved to Tanzania, Africa to build a resort. The goal is to introduce others to their beloved country, as well as developing relationships with the people who live there.

As much as the move was the fulfillment of a life-long dream for the couple, they also felt very clearly God’s call to go to Africa.

“It’s important to listen to God,” Darryl says. “And ask God, ‘Is there something you want me to do today?’ and then step out of your comfort zone.”

In 1987 ChristianWeek founder Harold Jantz also had a dream that demanded he step out of his comfort zone. He envisioned a publication that would open a window on Christian faith and life in Canada, an independent newspaper that could bridge the divide between so many denominations and expressions of faith, that could tell the stories of how God is working through His people in Canada and abroad.

Harold shared his dream, and others were inspired to invest time and funds, enough to see a tiny office open and the first issue come off the press. Harold and his staff didn’t know if there would be a second.

But there was, and against the odds (and there have been many) ChristianWeek has been publishing for close to 30 years. The world is much different from our humble beginnings, and yet very much the same. Many of the same battles are being waged, many of the same issues remain hot topics. And God continues to work in and through His people.

Through it all, ChristianWeek stays the course, telling stories that matter, many that you will not find in mainstream media. It is a joy and a privilege to do so.

But I’ll be honest. While you may pick up a complimentary issue of ChristianWeek at your local church, or view it online for free, what we do doesn’t come without cost. Without your partnership, we couldn’t do it at all. We are not funded by the government. We don’t rely on denominational or organizational support.

We rely on your generosity to keep on going, to keep our lights on, to pay our printers and our writers, to tell the stories. But we want to reach further. Our goal this year is to raise $90,000, which will help us reach 30,000 readers across Canada.

Would you consider giving to ChristianWeek, to help us share experiences like that of Darrell and Shirley? Like them, would you be willing to consider what small steps God would have you do to advance His Kingdom?

There are several ways you can partner with us. Give our office a call (1-800-263-6695) to talk to us in person. You can mail your donation, or give online at

You can also find us on, an initiative that encourages charitable donations during the often-frenzied holiday shopping season.

We continue to work hard to publish stories that matter, stories that reach further than ever before. Please join us as we strive to inform, encourage and inspire readers in Canada and beyond.


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