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    Film Review — Noah

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    It’s been a while since Hollywood’s last Bible-based blockbuster came to the silver screen—long enough to forget just how polarizing the responses can be. Noah, the latest attempt at biblical storytelling on the big screen, stars Russell Crowe as the…Read More→

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    Film Review – 42

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    Sports and spirituality are often closely tied to one another, even in recent years as society has become less and less willing to talk about matters of faith in public settings like professional athletics. Keeping with that tradition comes the…Read More→

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    Film Review — Olympus Has Fallen

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    Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the political-thriller Olympus Has Fallen has garnered mixed reactions from critics and the movie-going public. Despite having had several chances to replicate the success he originally achieved with the 2001 crime drama Training Day, Fuqua has…Read More→