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    When the body hurts

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    Sliding down a riverbank on a winter Sunday afternoon is great fun. Playing casual (very casual) hockey on a homemade rink with a group of friends (some in skates, some in shoes) somehow links a middle-aged body to a great…Read More→

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    East defends West

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    WINNIPEG—Vishal Mangalwadi is a man with a grand mission—nothing less than restoring the best of Western civilization. He believes this can be accomplished, primarily through a thorough revamping of the education system that begins with new methods of delivering university…Read More→

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    As Harmon lay dying

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    Like plenty of other people, Harmon is afraid to die. He has the advantage (or is it a disadvantage?) of knowing that his rendezvous with the inevitable is drawing near. Hours tick by slowly as one’s time grows short, and…Read More→