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    Spirit of hope is deep message of Christmas

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    Christmas controversies erupt almost every December, generally spurred by complaints from people who find religious symbols offensive and would like to purge them from public spaces. It’s been relatively quiet on the Christmas grievance front this year. However, several weeks…Read More→

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    Mary had much on her mind

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    Mary had a lot to think about. There she was, just recovering from the hard labour of giving birth to a baby boy under less-than-ideal conditions. Then the next thing she knew she was dealing with visitors. No new mother…Read More→

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    Persecution prevalent

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    Religious freedom cannot be taken for granted. Although every member state of the United Nations has signed on to the principle that “everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his…Read More→

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    Familiar bylines, new roles

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    Not all the changes happening at ChristianWeek are quite as visible as the freshly reformatted newspaper you are now reading. We’re gearing up for a new season with more than the few ordinary tweaks to our schedule and writing roster….Read More→

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    Do the R-I-G-H-T thing

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    Several million of Canada’s nearly 35-million people openly identify as Christian, women and men who acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Saviour of the world. Many attend church regularly, uphold the Bible as the word of God…Read More→

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    Let’s begin with a thought experiment. Imagine yourself in some public place, such as riding city transit or relaxing in a coffee shop. Take a look around and notice what people are reading. Ask yourself: Why is it more embarrassing…Read More→

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    The future is favourable

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    Reginald Bibby is urging Christians in Canada to be planning for a larger future. This message from the renowned sociologist comes as a surprise to many believers who are conditioned to believe that the Church is shrinking, its influence on…Read More→