Stackhouse hopes to help grow Crandall University’s vision to improve academically and spiritually.

Prominent Canadian evangelical relocating

Stackhouse hopes to help a good place get better

VANCOUVER—A prominent Canadian evangelical is making a surprising career transition. John G. Stackhouse, Jr., a long-time theology professor at Regent College in Vancouver, has accepted a new assignment at Crandall University (formerly Atlantic Baptist University) in Moncton, New Brunswick.

In addition to his teaching, Stackhouse has maintained a high profile as a prolific author, columnist, media commentator, researcher and lecturer.

The move from a well-known graduate school in Vancouver to a relatively unknown undergraduate university in Moncton may seem counter-intuitive, but Stackhouse describes it as part of the trajectory of his career.

He began by teaching in small Christian colleges in the United States. He then spent eight years at the University of Manitoba, rising to the rank of full professor before succeeding J.I. Packer as the Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology at Regent College, where he’s served for the past 17 years.

Stackhouse now relishes a new role on the East Coast. “Crandall is about the only serious Christian university east of Toronto and north of Boston,” he explains. “Their vision for the school is to improve it significantly in both academic and spiritual tone.”

As a devoted Christian and highly respected academic, Stackhouse is well-equipped to assist in this mission. “The prospects for growth at Crandall are significant, but only if they get really serious about both spiritual and academic quality,” he says.

Stackhouse credits his friendship and previous collaboration with Crandall faculty members Keith Bodner, Sam Reimer and others as further incentive. “I like working alongside such people—capable, well-motivated, wise and welcoming of others’ talents. And I like helping good places get better.”

In addition to a regular teaching load, Stackhouse will have further responsibilities as Dean of Faculty Development. “I’ll help to orient younger faculty members and encourage my colleagues in research and teaching,” he says. “I’ll work closely with the academic dean to help people be more effective as teachers and scholars.

“I hope to help everybody be productive in the broad sense of popularizing their work, to be better at serving a broader public than their own students.

Crandall president Bruce Fawcett is delighted to welcome Stackhouse to the Crandall community. “He is an accomplished scholar, thoughtful speaker and lecturer, and a wonderful example on how Christians can engage thoughtfully with the wider community,” says Fawcett.

“We are confident that students will learn to connect religion and culture in meaningful ways as they are mentored and educated by such a distinguished scholar.”

For his part, Regent president Jeffrey Greenman observes how “many Regent College students over the years have appreciated John’s wit as well as his intellect and depth of knowledge."

“John has been able to teach in many areas and that flexibility has been an asset to Regent. In addition to teaching and writing, he more recently played a key role in managing Regent’s summer school. We are grateful for his contributions and wish him all the best in his new appointment at Crandall,” says Greenman.

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