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    Opening doors to success

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    STEINBACH, MB—Pressure to find employment is often counterproductive. Nancy McNaughton, program director at Opening Doors to Success Inc., believes “when you don’t put pressure on, they (the clients) want to get there.” Appropriate training and connecting with understanding employers is…Read More→

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    Retired: No plans! No worries!

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    WINNIPEG, MB—Jake and Adina Goertzen’s whimsical business card, designed for them by their daughter, keeps them from taking themselves too seriously. It says “RETIRED: No Business. No Plans. No Worries. No Money—Ain’t got much, don’t want anything. Ain’t mad at…Read More→

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    To touch a heart

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    NIVERVILLE, MB—When her family life came unraveled, six-year-old Dorothy Hiebert clung to music amid the upheaval. Now, more than six decades later, she still shares the talent that made such a difference in her own life. Dorothy cherishes early memories…Read More→