Anne Goertzen believes in miracles. She’s proof, she says, that they exist.

Miraculous healing renews senior’s passion for service

“I heard myself saying, ‘Lord, I do believe!’”

WINKLER, MB—Anne Goertzen believes in miracles. She’s proof, she says, that they exist, after a night-time vision led to her overnight healing from a painful and debilitating condition.

Several years ago Anne found herself in a difficult place. Her young granddaughter died from cancer, followed by Anne’s sister just one month later. Then Anne herself had surgery due to breast cancer in addition to dealing with thunderclap headaches.

There seemed to be no effective treatment, and the combination of stresses wore Anne down. She made her way to Eden Mental Health Centre, and even though the shock treatments may have affected her memory a little, she is grateful. “Staff there got me better again!” she says.

She was able to enjoy her retirement, volunteering at Salem Personal Care Home, where she had worked as an activities director for 18 years.

However, the pain eventually returned, and Anne’s fibromyalgia intensified so that she could no longer walk without support. She had to quit her volunteer work in 2008.

In 2009 her husband John discovered he had bone cancer. The couple marveled that they would benefit from a palliative care program Anne had begun at the local hospital and led for five years.

John had been praying for Anne’s healing, and with his own health failing, insisted she move so yard work would not be necessary. She agreed, and began to search for suitable housing, but waiting lists were long. Anne was still living in the couples’ home when John passed away in February 2010, after spending seven and a half months in hospital.

Then, just a few months later, the miracle happened.

One night in June, Anne was startled by a vision of her husband, standing on incredibly green grass. She heard him asking God to heal her. The response was unmistakable, “Ask if she believes. Tell her to read 2 Corinthians.”

“I heard myself saying, ‘Lord, I do believe.’ As I picked up my Bible, it fell open to 2 Corinthians,” says Anne. “I paged further and read a verse I had underlined, ‘My grace is sufficient for you.’

“Lord, is this what you want me to believe?” Anne prayed. “I do believe.”

Anne maintains she was not dreaming; the details were too clear. The next morning, she was in her kitchen before she realized she had not taken the walker she had relied upon for four years. She walked down the hall to the bedroom and found it where she had parked it the night before. Later that Sunday morning, as she walked into church, Anne was able to tell many astounded people of God’s gift to her.

She no longer needs her pain medication. The walker remains in storage, and although Anne occasionally uses a cane, her strength and her abilities are greatly improved.

Anne kept the promise she made John. Five years after his death, a condo she liked became available. She was ready to move. Her son put up a sign advertising the side-by-side, and within two hours, it was sold. That was another indication to her of God’s leading. “I have enjoyed myself here from day one!” she says.

Anne took on leadership of the residents’ social committee after she moved into the condo, where she also participates in exercise classes and a weekly Bible study. Twice a week she works at the Winkler MCC Thrift Shop, located just across the street from her condo. A heart attack in September 2013 slowed her down only a little.

Now 85, Anne also enjoys her weekly care group homework, and keeps busy knitting and crocheting. She continues to keep as active as possible. Her greatest delight, she says, is to speak of God’s goodness, which she does at any opportunity.

Pat Gerbrandt is grateful for opportunities to share accounts of God’s work in and through His people.


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