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    Event keeps marriages on the Rock

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    As furor continues to surround the redefinition of marriage debate, Christian organizations are banding together to promote healthy marital relationships. “Marriage on the Rock” is a new initiative set for February 15 or the preceding week (coinciding with Valentine’s Day)…Read More→

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    Convention vote widens gender divide

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    TORONTO, ON-Once again the role of women in leadership was cause for heated debate among Fellowship Baptists meeting for their 50th annual convention in early November. Delegates representing the 496 member congregations of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in…Read More→

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    Ontarian refuses photo I.D.

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    OWEN SOUND, ON-George Bothwell says digital photo identification is akin to the biblical mark of the beast. He refuses to submit to it, instead taking the Ontario government to court. In a legal brief filed with the Ontario Superior Court,…Read More→

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    Gala raises $1 million for AIDS

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    TORONTO, ON-Stephen Lewis, AIDS Envoy to the United Nations, commends faith-based groups for the care they’re providing to AIDS orphans. At a World Vision gala, Lewis encouraged Canadians to engage in government advocacy to fight AIDS. The federal government announced…Read More→