jesus didn't go to church

Jesus Didn’t Go To Church

Jesus didn’t go to church. Think about that for a minute.

Jesus grew up Jewish, so he would have gone to the synagogue with his family. He would have participated in all the Jewish rituals of his day because that was the way that they worshiped.

But he knew the sacrificial system wasn’t what was going to be our salvation. There had to be a deep change or there would be no hope for us - we would still be sacrificing animals in our quest for forgiveness.

As a preacher, he taught people about the Kingdom of God and showed them that there was a better way. That HE was the better way. In the beginning, this group of first Christians called themselves “The Way”. They were still Jewish, but they were considered a different sect of Judaism for many years. Shelley says, in the book “Church History in Plain English”

The disciples called themselves “The Way,” emphasizing their belief that Jesus would lead his followers to the kingdom of God. Before long, however, the Jerusalem community came to speak of itself by an Old Testament term used to refer to the assembly of Israel. The Greek equivalent was ekklesia (or church in English) and meant a gathering of people, God’s people.

Church. Ekklesia. A group of people belonging to God.

A group of people who are from Canada are Canadians.

A group of people who are from the United States are Americans.

A group of people who belong to God are the Church.

It’s time we start viewing ourselves as a set apart people group, rather than an institution. We are a colony of Heaven who live on Earth. 

We are Ekklesia.

So, how do we act like Ekklesia in our daily lives? How does it affect our decision making? Our attitude towards our family? How we treat our neighbors? How we spend our money? 

As a Christian living in the 21st century, what does it mean for me to be a part of Ekklesia?

If I were stripped of everything I have been conditioned to think over the course of my life and only]had the bible to teach me how to live my faith, what kind of person would I be? What would my faith look like? 

These questions have plagued me through the years. There have been times when I was overwhelmed by with them. 

When I look at the churches I’ve been a part of, the churches all around me, I can’t help but wonder if this is what church is supposed to be. 

What kind of church would Jesus go to? Would it be traditional, liturgical, evangelical, charismatic, full gospel, Pentecostal, reformed, mega-sized or non-denominational? 

Can the 21st century North American model of Christianity accomplish the mandate that Jesus set out for His Church? 

Perhaps we need another reformation.

Would Jesus go to your church?


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