What Does It Mean To “Be The Church”?

What do you think of when you read the word “church”? A building? A group of people? A way of life? A worship service? 

We know that when Jesus established his church he didn’t have in mind an institution. He had in mind a revolution. His bride was not to be a building, she was to be a shining light in the darkness. A people who were holy and set apart. We know that when Jesus established his church he didn’t have in mind an institution, He had in mind a revolution. Click To Tweet

How close are we, today, to what Jesus commissioned us to do 2000 years ago?

That is the question ChristianWeek will be exploring to kick off the year 2020!

ChristianWeek has published stories and hosted events since 1987. Our purpose then, and now, is to bring Christian community together. To inform, to encourage and inspire each other in our daily walk with Christ.

Earlier this year we hosted an event to celebrate ChristianWeek’s past and ongoing commitment to Christian journalism in Canada. We invited Christian communicators from across the country to share and explore. 

We celebrated the past, but really, we were looking for a way forward. Church has changed and our communication methods have changed even more.

We resolved to raise awareness and support to publish a special series on what it means to be the church in this politically charged and spiritually challenged time.

 #BeTheChurch is a verb. It’s alive and active. It’s a bright guiding star in the dark. Unchanging.

This series, #bethechurch, will explore the past. What has worked and what hasn’t? Will the bricks and mortar of yesterday serve a digital age? It will look toward the future to discover our purpose and commission to be in the world but not of it and to inspire one-another in sharing the good news of what is coming.  

Come along on this journey from past to present with ChristianWeek. We all can learn together what it means, in this day and age, to be the church.

Follow, comment, and share views as we go down the weekly path of discovery.


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