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    Give yourself grace, God does

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    Grace, grace, God’s grace.  Grace is used only 10 times in the Old Testament and over 100 times in the New Testament. Have you ever thought why that would be?  Maybe it is because grace is personified in the Person…Read More→

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    Flawed Reflection

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    We, who are made in His image, can become so self-focused that we distort the divine likeness to the point where He becomes unrecognizable. We have somehow taken theology and created a “me-ology” version of spirituality that comes from within…Read More→

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    Repetition is Key

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    Working out takes work. It is a deliberate endeavor that leaves you sore and worn. It takes intentionality. People don’t accidentally get fit, physically or spiritually.  I went back to the gym this week. I only made it two days….Read More→