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    ANiC consecrates new crop of bishops

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    ST. CATHARINES, ON—Anglicans are traditionally consecrated as bishops in magnificent cathedrals. However, Trevor Walters, Charlie Masters and Stephen Leung were consecrated as “bishops in the Church of God” without benefit of stained glass or neo-gothic architecture. The service was held…Read More→

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    Anglican churches suspended

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    NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND—The Anglican Consultative Council, a key ruling body of the international Anglican Communion, has suspended the Canadian and U.S. Anglican churches for three years because of their liberal positions on homosexuality. The decision to suspend the Anglican Church of…Read More→

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    Orthodox Anglicans find way forward

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    OTTAWA, ON-In the wake of their national church declaring homosexual relations holy, 700 biblically orthodox Anglicans met in Ottawa to create two new organizations dedicated to pastoral care and leadership. The Anglican Federation includes “all Canadian Anglicans committed to the…Read More→

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    Canadian Anglican troubles intensify

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    MISSISSAUGA, ON-Some last-minute resolutions passed by the Anglican House of Bishops are unlikely to prevent the imminent break-up of the Anglican Church of Canada. The House of Bishops (HOB) is the key decision-making body for the Canadian churches. During October…Read More→

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    Not a white man’s religion

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    WINNIPEG, MB–The complexity of making the Christian gospel culturally relevant to native North Americans is getting some serious study. Nearly 150 Christians from throughout North America came to Winnipeg in late November to probe the issue at a Native North…Read More→