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    Lessons from Mike Duffy

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    Canadian senator Mike Duffy couldn’t have imagined the recent twists and turns his life has taken. His political metamorphosis from butterfly to caterpillar could hardly have been more dramatic! What happened? And why? Until Duffy’s autobiography provides his version of…Read More→

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    Million-dollar baby

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    Thankfully baby Reese is doing well. But she is completely oblivious to the swirl of controversy over who should pay the million-dollar cost of her Hawaiian delivery. Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel was 24 weeks pregnant when she and her husband flew to…Read More→

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    Is capitalism doomed?

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    Bank of England governor Mark Carney didn’t mince words. Capitalism is at risk of destroying itself! In his May 27 speech at the Conference on Inclusive Capitalism in London, he openly criticized the penchant for rewarding short-term performance while ignoring…Read More→

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    Lessons from Ukraine

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    Ukraine is in crisis mode! The high stakes chess game keeps evolving, even as world powers offer rhetoric and ideologies from the sidelines. With the possible exception of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, no one seems to have a clue how to…Read More→