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    Attitude is everything

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    Jayne Thurber-Smith Special to ChristianWeek WASHINGTON, DC—Alfred Morris is one NFL star who prefers to fly under the radar, spurning the accoutrements of fame to be left alone to play the game he loves. A leading rookie rusher in 2012,…Read More→

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    Budget good, not visionary

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    The federal budget announced in early March is generally good. But it’s not visionary. Canada will face critical problems in the coming decades that need visionary fiscal leadership, leadership that looks beyond the short-term physical stimulus that this and the…Read More→

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    Regarding Gaza

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    This appeal for peace by the leadership of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is made on behalf of all those affected by the conflict, both Israeli and Gazan residents alike. May the God who gives peace to all who ask,…Read More→