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    Kingdom strategy for elections

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    OTTAWA, ON—Election seasons are full of chaotic, contrasting messages. On campaign trails Canadians are bombarded with a plethora of promises seeking to lure them one way or another, in the media pundits banter ceaselessly about how everyone should see the…Read More→

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    Lunch-hour program transforms school

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    MONTREAL, QC–A new pilot program designed by Christian Direction staff has seen dramatic impacts in the lives of troubled youth in a struggling Montreal high school. Offered through a partnership between the school and a community family organization, the program…Read More→

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    Ontario court upholds law school ban

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    TORONTO, ON—Trinity Western University’s (TWU) proposed law school faced a major legal setback when the Ontario Superior Court upheld the Law Society of Upper Canada’s (LSUC) decision not to accredit the prospective law school’s grads. The July 2 ruling significantly…Read More→