1. good samaritan

    In The Ditch

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    I’ve been in church since 9 months before I was born, so I’ve heard the story of “The Good Samaritan” more than a few times. You may fall into that category, or you may be new to the story, but…Read More→

  2. Things Only the Church Can Do

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    *The following except represents the concluding thoughts of Nathan Hatch’s essay: The Political Captivity of the Faithful “The function of our popular culture is to reflect our desires, to cater to our every desire. A church, by contrast, is in…Read More→

  3. Band Together

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      I remember it like it was yesterday. Driving back to the station following my nightshift at 1 AM, when out of nowhere, a sense of disorientation and panic came over me. My mind went from first gear to overdrive…Read More→

  4. And All the Kings Men

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    When it comes to division in the Church, the enemy knows every trick in the book. So, let’s not think for a minute that any churchgoer—governing board member or baby-coddling nursery worker—might be exempt from work-life politics and human-plagued impulses……Read More→