Building a Brighter Future

For more than 150 years The Salvation Army has been working alongside individuals and
families all around the world. For the Salvation Army in the Canada and Bermuda Territory, not
only has the focus been providing assistance to people within our own neighbourhoods, but also to
those beyond our borders.

The Salvation Army International Development Department, located in Toronto, actively
engages in assisting projects that provide aid during emergency situations like hurricanes,
earthquakes, and floods. In addition, there are community initiatives aimed at bolstering the
resilience and capacities of local communities.

The International Development Department also supports children and youth through its Brighter
Futures Children’s Sponsorship Program. There couldn’t have been a more suitable name chosen
as year after year we see and hear the stories of young children and youth who now have a
brighter future because of the support of generous donors from Canada.

One of the main focuses of Brighter Futures is access to education. In many countries children
and youth are required to wear a school uniform and pay school fees to attend class. For families
struggling to make ends meet, requirements like these can become a major obstacle.

Meet Richard, a Zambian youth who has dreams of becoming a doctor. His family, like many
others, could not afford the costs associated with attending school. Richard is one of 5 children
and his parents often had to make the difficult decision which of their children would attend
school. This situation created instability with regards to Richard’s education, potentially limiting
his chances of attending medical school.

Thankfully, Brighter Futures sponsors recognize the potential in Richard and countless others
facing similar challenges. For Richard, support arrived in the form of a new uniform, school
supplies and tuition assistance. Suddenly, a once distant dream of being a doctor seemed closer
to reality than ever.

“Richard’s uniform package arrived at a time when his family had no money left,” says Major
Heather Matondo, who recently visited Richard and his family.

In addition to education support, goats were also distributed to families at Richard’s school.
Richard received two goats which can provide immediate sustenance to his family in the form of
milk, but also long-term sustainability as the goats reproduce and provide the assurance of future

Through your support, countless lives can be enriched.

“While we may not always see the lives that are being changed first-hand…the impact is great
and life-changing for so many children. Your support makes a real, tangible, and practical
difference for so many children and youth around the world.”

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of children like Richard. Your
contribution, no matter the size, can have a profound impact on the futures of so many children.

By donating to Brighter Futures, you’re not only providing essential resources, but you’re
offering hope and opportunity. Together, we can make dreams a reality for children worldwide.

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