There Is No Neutral Ground

Can you see it?  The violent clash of kingdoms.

Can you hear it? The sounds of war.

Can you smell it? The atmosphere made toxic by the breath of the dragon. 

It’s happening all around us, all the time.

Humanity is caught in the crossfire of this cosmic conflict.

We are all born on this battlefield and we're born on the wrong side—our sinful nature puts us at odds with the rightful King.

We are born rebels. 

The forces of hell instigate and animate our sinful natures and we inevitably join the ranks of the dragon in attacking and undermining the work of the Lamb. 

It’s seldom blatant, but our lives either contribute to the light or to the darkness.

Our attitude and actions adding minuscule force to one side or the other. 

It’s the universal aggregate of each tiny push that changes the course of history and impacts eternity. 

We either have the mark of the Lamb or the mark of the Beast as the breastplate of our lives.

There is no neutral ground. 

The good news is that God committed the ultimate act of supernatural espionage when He sent His son behind enemy lines—Jesus was born in the midst of fallen humanity and delivered the decisive blow against the dragon through his death, resurrection, and ascension. 

God invaded humanity through Jesus.

The Lamb conquered the Dragon.

The war has been won, but the battle rages on as the fury of the dragon is unleashed on the people of the Lamb. 

Every single person must eventually make a choice—we don’t have to choose to follow the dragon, we are born in rebellion, we are born under the banner of the dragon.

We must choose to step out of the darkness and into the Light.

We must respond in faith to what God has done though His Son.

We must lay down the weapons of worldly warfare and take up the shield of faith.

We must swear our allegiance to the Lamb and become ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Step out of the shadows.

Approach the throne of grace.

Kneel at the pierced feet of the King.

And swear your allegiance.

In doing so, you will join the people of the Lamb and begin doing your part to push back the darkness, one tiny shove at a time. 


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