The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Podcasts We're Following: The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

If you haven't had the chance to listen to the podcast The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill it needs to be next on your list. This long-form podcast from Christianity Today chronicles the rise and subsequent resignation of Mark Driscoll, former pastor of megachurch Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington

This podcast is a deep dive into the history of evangelicalism and a serious look at how pastors can gain such cult followings.

From the podcast - "Founded in 1996, Seattle’s Mars Hill Church was poised to be an influential, undeniable force in evangelicalism—that is until its spiraling collapse in 2014. The church and its charismatic founder, Mark Driscoll, had a promising start. But the perils of power, conflict, and Christian celebrity eroded and eventually shipwrecked both the preacher and his multimillion-dollar platform."

Find the Podcast HERE.

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