The Christian Right’s influence on Canadian politics

A response to CBC "The Weekly" interview

Election time must be soon - CBC is wanting to tell us how horrible Christians are. Remember their attack on Stockwell Day in 2000? The academics, the legal profession and the media (ALM) - can't believe Christians are still in Canada in 2019. Or, at least Christians who still believe in the ancient scriptures on how we ought to live.
In their view, we should have all retreated to the hinterland by now in light of our advanced, pluralistic society. Interestingly our "pluralist" society does not include those who hold different views of the ALM.

Mesley is telling her audience that she is describing "how Christians want to change Canada." Really? That is not how I see it - there has been a lot of changing going on in Canada but it is has not come from the Christians but rather what the ALM brought to this country over the last several decades.

The struggle for Christians is that we simply want to live our lives in accordance with our conscience and not be forced to violate that conscience by some government dictate.

When Christians push back against the intrusions of government and "progressive politics" the ALM are incensed that we do not accept the "enlightened" view of the world. We then must face the oncoming barrage of the "disinterested" media.

However, in spite of what the ALM say we are, we must continue to show our spirit of generosity and peace toward our most harshest critics.

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