The BioLogos Statement vs. The Frankfurt Declaration: Two Opposite Evangelical Responses to the State’s Power

One group equated the civil governments’ agenda with Christ’s agenda, as represented in the BioLogos’ “Love Your Neighbor, Get the Shot: A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times.” Another group differentiated between Christ’s agenda and the states’ agenda, as represented in “The Frankfurt Declaration of Christian and Civil Liberties.” In what follows, I will compare the two statements in order to show that the BioLogos Statement is an attempt to synthesize Christianity with the course of this world during the COVID-19 era, whereas the Frankfurt Declaration places Christianity in antithesis to the spirit of the age during the COVID-19 era. By contrasting these two statements, my hope is that Christians will grow wise to recognize and resist a syncretistic form of “Christianity” that loses its biblical potency.

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