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TGC Announces Josh Butler’s Resignation as Keller Center Fellow, Issues Apology for Book About ‘God’s Vision for Sex’

Excerpt drew widespread criticism, prompting a "review of our publishing process more broadly"

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) has pulled the introduction and first chapter of “Beautiful Union” by Josh Butler from its website and issued an apology for promoting Butler’s book. TGC has also announced that Butler has resigned as a fellow at the Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics, will no longer lead an online cohort with the center, and will no longer speak at TGC23.

An excerpt from Josh Butler’s book, published as an article on TGC on March 1, drew widespread criticism online due to Butler’s use of sexual metaphors for believers’ relationship with God. TGC initially responded to the pushback by publishing the book’s introduction and first chapter in order to provide “sufficient context.”

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