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Decorated trees, cookie swaps, secret Santa, and turkey dinners all bring with them the warm and cozy sentiments of Christmas. For Christians, this time of year also brings thoughts of how to help others in less fortunate situations. Generosity is important for Christians year-round, but it always has special meaning during the Christmas season, when much of the world can be focused on getting instead of giving. 

During the Christmas season this is especially true for children. In a world where the latest video game or toy they saw on TV is held up as the height of happiness, generosity can be a hard concept for children to understand, but it is vital that they do.

This is why Mennonite Central Committee has created Learning About Generosity With MCC, a free resource for families to help lead the conversation in a way that will help children understand why it is important to be generous with what God has given them.

“As the Christmas season approaches, we know that many parents want to talk to their children about generosity, but may not know where to start. That's why we wanted to create a resource with stories and activities so parents can easily share the value of generosity with their family.” – Laura Kalmar, MCC Canada associate director of communications and donor relations

Families can use this resource, along with MCC’s Christmas giving guide, to talk about the importance of generosity with their children. Using activities, stories, crafts and more, parents can instill a love of giving in their kids. Stories such as Kazagobou Apouri’s can be a great example for how giving generously can help children like them in other parts of the world. Here is a bit of his story, 

In some places in the world, there aren’t reliable electric lights. People must use light from the sun to read or do homework. But when the sun goes down, there’s no more light. This is what it’s like for Kazagobou Apouri. He is in Grade 6 and lives in Burkina Faso. Sometimes when he does his homework, he runs out of time before the sun goes down. That makes it difficult to do well in school. But thanks to someone generous like you, he received a solar lantern.

The solar lantern collects energy from the sun during the day. After the sun goes down, Kazagobou can use the solar lantern as a source of light. Now he has enough light to finish his homework.

Kazagobou hopes to become a high school teacher when he grows up. This is a dream made possible by people like you.

This story and much more can be found in the free resource. Download Learning About Generosity With MCC today and begin to open the eyes of your children to the great big world around them and the beautiful way that we can use what God has blessed us with to bless others. 


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Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), a worldwide ministry of Anabaptist churches, shares God’s love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. MCC envisions communities worldwide in right relationship with God, one another and creation.