Sometimes—When the Church is Squeezed—It Grows

Around the world, the body of Christ is under attack.

So many Christians are beaten, attacked, tormented and killed for their faith in Jesus. In fact, right now, more than 260 million Christians live in areas of high persecution. That's one in eight Christians worldwide.

Each year, Open Door's World Watch List tracks persecution against Christians around the world to help us understand what's happening in the global church and how we can pray for and support our suffering family.

China's number 23 on this year's world watch list—but that number doesn't tell the whole story. But sometimes, when the church is squeezed, it grows. — David Curry, CEO @OpenDoors Click To Tweet "China's an incredible country with breathtaking beauty and amazing culture. It's history—is second to none," says CEO, David Curry, "but the church tells a different story. Pastors are being detained, churches are being closed, and people who have a personal faith in Jesus are being watched using technology that was never available before."

And China is just one country on the 2020 World Watch List... Christians around the world are being pressured, targeted and attacked. The Christians in the top 50 countries on this year's list may be suffering, but we can stand with them in prayer and support.

The ministry of Open Doors is dedicated to helping the Church be the Church in the world's hardest places for Christian faith. The video below is just a glimpse at some of what God is doing around the world and how He has invited the body to be a part of it.

From where you are, with whatever time and resources you have, you can provide encouragement and vital support to God’s family living where it’s difficult to serve Jesus.

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