Silicon Valley Bank: Fed Starts Printing Money Again

Government regulation unable to prevent bank collapse.


Many Canadians and Christians alike are not sure how to analyze or react to recent bank collapses in the United States. The analysis below provides helpful context to government regulations, showing how they fail to prevent economic collapse. Christians must go further to assert that sin, greed, lust for power, and ignoring local needs are at the root of poverty and oppression, and must be dealt with at the heart, spiritual, and moral level. We hope this helps our readers grasp real world market effects, while considering God's Law as the source of all goodness and flourishing. 

The acquisition of treasures by a lying tongue
Is a fleeting vapor, the pursuit of death.    Proverbs 21:6

Our history has known many economic crises. Some of them have spun out of control into disastrous episodes, with the Great Depression of the 1930s as the benchmark. As recently as in 2008-2010, Europe and America went through a bad economic downturn that ripped open wide gaps in many government budgets.

It also came with a major financial crisis, including but not limited to the meltdown of the Lehman Brothers investment bank. It was not the first bank crisis, not by a long shot, but it was of such proportions that one would expect that by now, we would have learned from it and taken all precautionary steps to prevent history from repeating itself.

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