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Sharing the hope of Christ in Zambia

Philemon is a passionate advocate for the Sponsorship Program at EduDeo Ministries because he knows firsthand how effective it is.

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The brokenness in this world can be daunting. Heartache and pain, sorrow and suffering, injustice and hopelessness are everywhere.

EduDeo Ministries seeks to bring the hope of Christ to the world through quality, Christ-centred education. It’s focus is on children, the leaders of tomorrow. Research suggests many people make a decision for Christ before their 14th birthdays.

Philemon is a program officer for the Education Department of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) in Zambia, a core partner of EduDeo Ministries. He is an inspirational example of transformation.

“It was difficult for Dad and Mum to send me to school because Dad was unemployed,” he says. “Mum started her own business, selling items at the market and selling cooked meat from home.

“When I was in Grade 9, my dad died and Mum went to the village. Even though I was selected to advance to Grade 10, I could not afford to continue my education because of the school fees. It was a hard struggle.

“By God’s grace, I received sponsorship support from CCAP to complete secondary school. After graduating, I prayed to God, saying, “Lord, give me something to do to give back!” That is when I met Reverend Peter Chipeta and began to work for CCAP. Now, when somebody says, ‘I don’t have school fees,’ I know how it feels. Please join me in prayer for God’s intervention in the lives of many more children like me.”

Philemon is a beautiful example of a child who was impacted by the prayers and support of others, and in turn became a leader who is impacting others. He is a passionate advocate for the Sponsorship Program at EduDeo Ministries because he knows firsthand how effective it is.

In his words, “I’m looking forward to this program growing so that more vulnerable children can access Christian education!”

EduDeo Ministries:

  • works in more than seven countries
  • partners with more than 1,000 schools
  • impacts more than 5,500 teachers
  • touches the lives of more than 200,000 children

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