The shadows are always there

They lurk around the edges of our lives

We catch glimpses of our shadows along the boundaries of our consciousness

They inhabit the borderlands - the space between the darkness and the light

The shadows haunt

They torment

We can never outrun our shadows

Forgiveness is available but regret is forever

Some live in a cyclone of shadows caused by buried trauma

a black hole of abuse that devours the light

Shadows past

Shadows future

We exist between the shadows



We live in the twilight

Besieged by shadows

But the Light has inevitable authority over our shadows

The pull of the Light is more powerful than the undertow of the shadow

Jesus is the Shadow Slayer

Our shadows are shattered by the brilliance of His presence

Our ghosts cannot tolerate His glory

Let loose the Light upon your life - all of it - past, present, and future

Unleash the Shadow Slayer

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About the author