Seven Simple Facts Regarding Bill C-6

Canada’s national anthem includes the line, “God keep our land glorious and free.” Our Criminal Code seeks to protect that against all internal threats. Is that about to change?

  • Historical fact: On October 1, 2020 Diversity Minister Bardish Chagger reintroduced the effort to ban so-called “conversion therapy,” now in Bill C-6. She argued that it will end a discredited “destructive, harmful and deadly” practice and protect “LGBTQ2 rights.” Though Canadian Press reports, “The new offences would not apply to those who provide support to individuals questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, such as parents, friends, teachers, doctors, mental health professionals, school or pastoral counsellors and faith leaders,” Bill C-6 seems to provide no such assurances for anyone who supports these people as humans but who criticizes their behaviours.
  • Historical fact: Today millions of Canadian voters believe that when our Creator made the first humans, He made them male and female and instructed them to “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it” (Genesis 1:28). This highly pleasurable activity is our Creator’s invention. Many worldviews (both secular and religious) tell similar narratives.
  • Historical fact: Shortly before the US Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal across the US, popular talk show host Larry King asked California pastor Rick Warren what essentially was his objection to same-sex marriage. Warren suggested to King (as I recall), “Picture a man and woman standing here. Now picture them both naked. Now can you figure out for what sort of sex they were designed?” King chuckled and replied (as I recall), “Put that way, it’s really quite simple.”
  • Scientific fact: In order for humans to survive on earth, they need to reproduce children. That process begins when a human male sperm fertilizes a human female ovum. Note that there exists no biological spectrum between male sperm and female ova.
  • Historical fact: Human creativity in some cultures has generated many sexual behaviours besides those needed to reproduce children. Some cultures have generated various myths around these behaviours, e.g., that each human is born with a given sexual orientation, including those not needed to reproduce children, that these can never be changed throughout their lives, that no one ever wishes to change theirs, that anyone who suggests that these can be changed is engaged in intolerant discrimination and bigotry, etc. Such beliefs and criticisms of them have recently become aspects of the worldviews (both secular and religious) embraced today by millions of Canadian voters, whose support most politicians seek at each election at every level.
  • Social scientific fact: Since 2011 The American Psychological Association has described sexual orientation as “fluid” and changeable. In 2013 the APA published this view in their Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology. Behavior is a choice. One does not need to act on every feeling — especially sexual feelings. The Internet has a large and growing array of testimonials of people who have practiced heterosexual lifestyles (some into their 60s) before changing to LGBTQ+ lifestyles. Canada has no laws to prevent such changes. Over the past century a growing array of testimonials have appeared of people who have practiced LGBTQ+ lifestyles before changing to heterosexual lifestyles, many without any sort of counseling, many with counseling (e.g., “Such Were Some of You” on YouTube; gay stress studies, etc.). The same is true concerning unwanted gender identity confusion. Some activists lobby vigorously that all such changes be legally banned, regardless of the preferences of those who desire such changes. Such bans seem to violate the self-determination rights of these Canadians
  • Historical fact: Today millions of Canadian voters much prefer that all politicians and political parties at every level respect our constitutional Charter of Rights and Freedoms by refusing to create a special class of Canadians who are protected from criticism in our Criminal Code, which already criminalizes many types of assault and torture. This implies that Bill C-6 be either withdrawn or defeated in Parliament. Canadian law must respect the self-determination rights of voters who desire changes in their sexual orientation and unwanted gender identity confusion, whether or not those changes are achieved.

Freedom of all Canadians to believe and behave non-violently as we choose must include freedom to change our beliefs and behaviours, even in areas of sexual orientation and gender identity confusion. Any ban on seeking non-violent help on such changes, such as Bill C-6 proposes, is viewed by millions of Canadian voters as a violation of our constitutional Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Totalitarianism of the left is still totalitarianism. 


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About the author

Al Hiebert, PhD, currently serves as President of Growing Up In Christ, Inc. Previously he served as the first Executive Director of Christian Higher Education Canada, as Assistant Director of the Association for Biblical Higher Education and for 33 years as Professor of Theology and Philosophy, first at Providence University College and Seminary and then at Briercrest Seminary.