Ontario Town Councillor Issues Apology for Municipal Covid Vaccine Policy

"This policy was mistakenly adopted."

“I want to take a moment to acknowledge that this policy caused a lot of unnecessary harm and animosity within our workforce and community.” Anne Tessier, Councillor for West Nipissing added her comments to the record on January 3, 2023 after town council officially rescinded its municipal covid-19 vaccine policy. 

Her statement also acknowledged that council had no basis, scientific or otherwise, for implementing a policy she described as “punitive”, which was meant to contain the spread of Covid-19. “I believe that this policy was mistakenly adopted 12 months ago. The general population knows today, that the COVID vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of the virus. Twelve months ago, the municipal council was well aware that the spread did not correlate with vaccination status prior to this policy being adopted.”

Tessier also noted that Ontario Health data available by January 2022 demonstrated an equal or higher infection rate among the vaccinated as compared with unvaccinated people. “Unfortunately the outcome of the vote from the municipal council resulted in the implementation of this punitive policy.”

“With all my heart I want to extend an apology to all those who were affected negatively by this policy, and I hope that as a municipality and community we can move forward.”

West Nipissing is a Canadian, French-English bi-lingual municipality bordering the northern region in Ontario on Lake Nipissing that contains about 14000 people. 

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