No, Religious Freedom Doesn’t Send People to Hell

From Christianity Today

A viral video of Los Angeles pastor John MacArthur speaking against religious freedom has spurred much debate and conversation this week around governments' role in regulating faith.

In the video, an old (and possibly out-of-context) recording that resurfaced on social media, MacArthur likens religious freedom to idolatry, saying that "religious freedom is what sends people to hell." The video led numerous Christian leaders and writers to respond either in support or in opposition to the idea, with some pointing out the irony of MacArthur recently using a pro-religious-freedom argument for keeping his church open in defiance of public health orders.

In this piece from Russell Moore, the writer argues that to oppose religious freedom for all is to reject the premise of the gospel as a personal choice - and if hell is real, government control is no substitute for salvation.

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