Peterson faces political censorship by the College of Ontario Psychologists

Jordan Peterson Does Not Need Re-Education

The illiberal witch hunt of a Canadian icon

The people on the receiving end of the most vicious opprobrium are oftentimes those who have the most important things to say. The exception of course being the genuinely terrible or stupid, of which there are many. However, what is most often present in the high-profile targets of cancel culture, is the importance they place on liberal principles. This is absolutely intolerable to the woke radicals. That Jordan Peterson successfully writes, lectures on, and lives a life guided by liberal tenets, like speech, conscience, and academic freedom, has made him the ultimate pariah and target of many illiberal witch-hunts of the political left. The most recent being particularly egregious.

A protest action, with the rallying cry “we stand with Jordan Peterson” has been organized for tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan 11, at the College of Psychologists, 110 Eglinton Ave W.

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