How Christians Can Help Shape The Broader Culture, Not Just Their Own

From Religion Unplugged

As the western world becomes more secular and less Christian, both culturally and demographically, many Christians are living through an active world shift where they are losing majority power status within their cities, schools, workplaces, and beyond.

What was once the dominant modern culture and faith in North America has lost enough ground that, today, many Christians have been raised feeling like the majority, only to have their world shift rapidly toward diversity and secularism.

Not all Christians agree on whether all of these changes are bad or good - but the way we as Christians shape culture both inside and outside the church has undeniably changed.

In this introspective piece from the Clapham Institute blog, founder Michael Metzger looks at secular institutions like public universities and TED - and examines what Christians can do to shape culture themselves.

Read the full article HERE.

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