HAPPY EASTER from PromisedLand 2020


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our usual programs have been suspended indefinitely.

Nations have faced threats of destruction before but not anything quite like this. This time, all countries are in danger from the same pandemic in which many lives have been lost, and the battle to save lives is still ongoing. The world has been brought to a standstill. Businesses, schools, markets, restaurants, and public facilities have been closed.



The current situation reminds us of the days of Esther when the Jews were under the threat of destruction. Esther came to the realization that the events in her life were not just a matter of chance, and she just might be part of God’s plan to save her people. She called for the nation to fast and pray before she could approach the king and put her life on the line.



As Christians, we are part of God’s plan for the nations at this time. We must not allow fear to produce inaction in us. We must get on our knees and pray to the only one who can turn things around. Our prayers are mighty through God. It’s only through prayers that we will see the release of His power and a change in the circumstances.



For Esther, it seemed impossible to change the edict over her people. Still, she trusted God to make the impossible possible. God turned the situation around, and the enemy of the people was hung on the gallows he intended for them.



In the past few weeks, Promisedland has been part of different prayer meetings, joining our faith with our brothers and sisters across the globe, trusting God for a complete turnaround. Who knew that Zoom and other such platforms used for office meetings would become a valuable tool for church assemblies, prayer meetings, and family gatherings. Let us learn to use it, join with others, and form a network of prayer around the world.



Don’t be tempted to hold your peace at this time, find a platform where you can join others in prayer. Practice social-distancing, but be prayerfully connected. As we stay at home and isolate, our busyness has been taken away. We now have time to hear what God desires of us during this pandemic. Jesus gave his life for us. What will you do for Him?



Have a happy Easter weekend.


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