Gerrit Van Dorland: Disqualified by CPC For Being Pro-Life

Poilievre fails to uphold promise for open, democratic nominations.

A sub-committee of the Conservative Party of Canada has just disqualified Gerrit Van Dorland, the pro-lifer whom CLC endorsed for the Oxford nomination to replace long-time MP Dave MacKenzie.

We believe it was primarily because of Gerrit’s pro-life beliefs, and secondarily because Pierre Poilievre had his own preferred candidate in the race, a former staffer of his.

With Poilievre coming on as the new CPC Leader, and his promises of open nominations, respect for democracy, and his pledge to “remove the gatekeepers”, we thought things would be different than it was under Erin O’Toole and Andrew Scheer. Both of the latter men went on the warpath to disqualify pro-lifers and social conservatives.

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