Filipino evangelicals ahead of elections: “We are afraid of entering another dictatorship”

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The son of a former dictator may become the next president of the Philippines.

Tomorrow, the southeast Asian country votes in a presidential election to replace outgoing president Rodrigo Duterte, a polarizing figure who has been both praised and criticized for extreme hardline policies on things like press freedom and the war on drugs.

The current frontrunner in tomorrow's election is Ferdinand Marcos, whose father (with the same name) ran the country as a dictator from 1965 to 1986, much of that under martial law which saw thousands of people tortured and killed. Marcos' popularity seems to suggest an appetite in the Philippines to continue the legacy of outgoing president Duterte who moved the country in a more authoritarian direction.

Duterte was also openly hostile toward Christianity and the church in the Philippines, and Christians in the country say they are worried about the outcome of the election. Complicating matters, however, is the fact that Duterte's Vice President is also running, currently second in the polls, while Duterte's daughter is running alongside Marcos to be his Vice President.

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