A new English language show will focus on issues facing teenage girls, based off of Square One's popular Beautiful Unique Girl tour.

Family Life Network goes back to Square One with name change

The Family Life Network is now officially "Square One World Media"

WINNIPEG, MB—The vision of Family Life Network remains the same but with a name change and a new focus, the organization is hoping a rebrand will give it greater clarity moving forward.

In September 2014, Family Life Network (FLN) officially rebranded as Square One World Media. Executive director Claude Pratte says the organization is “going back to our roots. We want to produce media and see lives impacted by the gospel.”

Founded in 1947 as a radio program, the ministry went through several name changes over the years, becoming FLN in 2000. For almost 70 years, the ministry has used media in various forms to share the gospel in North America and around the world.

Those behind the change considered more than 200 names before finally settling on Square One World Media. “Square One” and “Media” highlight the organization’s desire to go back to where it began, creating excellent media content with a Christian focus. The word “World” highlights the work Square One World Media is doing in Russia, Ukraine, Central and South America, the Middle East, and in North America.

Two new English language shows were also announced at the launch of Square One World Media. “Micah’s Super Vlog” is an animated feature intended for children while the second is an issue-focused 30-minute show for teenage girls based off of Square One’s popular Beautiful Unique Girl tour.  Both shows are set to release in early 2015.


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