Winnipeg Police Chief Devon Clunis.

Faith in the police

Revisiting the Devon Clunis story

All over North America, cops are in the news because they are the story — but what's going on behind the headlines? Context with Lorna Dueck re-examines our faith in police and revisits the Devon Clunis story out of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Police Chief Devon Clunis surprised many when he announced his retirement on March 10, 2016. Later that month, Chief Clunis sat down with Context TV’s Lorna Dueck at the offices of the Winnipeg Police Services in Manitoba.

The outgoing police chief spoke candidly about his Christian faith, faith life as a public figure and his hopes for the City of Winnipeg.

From the interview:

LD: How have you managed to live out your Christian faith so publicly? It’s given you some grief.

DC: The way I’ve done that is just by being authentic within the organization. For example, I was asked to take over a challenging division when I was an inspector. So everyday, I would go into my office and pray.

There were a couple of other Christians and we would pray and then I would say ‘Now go out and live that out. That’s all. We’re not preaching at anyone, we’re just doing the job.’ And then miraculously, everything turned around in that division. And so people said ‘Devon, what are you doing in there?’ So I told them.

When someone asks what’s happening, here’s why but I’m not going to run down the street and grab you and say ‘Hey! I gotta tell you about this.’ But if you ask me, I’m authentic.

Watch the complete interview below (begins at 7:40).

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