Tim Schindel of Leading Influence, says most politicians face daily challenges filled with high expectations, long hours and endless criticism by the public and the media.

Faith group supports politicians through challenges of leadership

Leading Influence pioneers chaplaincy services for elected officials

VICTORIA, BC—“God has always been interested in leaders,” says Tim Schindel, president of Leading Influence, an organization that supports men and women serving in politics. “Throughout history, He has placed His people in their lives and circles to serve and minister to them in significant and meaningful ways.”

Founded in 2006, Leading Influence has been serving at the B.C. Legislature since 2007. Today it has chaplains in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

“We are pioneers in providing chaplaincy services to elected officials in Canada,” says Schindel. “We function as a relationally based ministry of presence with no political agenda.

For Christian politicians, Leading Influence provides regular prayer times, office visits with a pastoral focus and regular ongoing care. For politicians who are not believers, care is expressed by demonstrating sincere interest, concern and support for them as individuals, Schindel says, regardless of their political ideology.

Leading Influence focuses on relationship building to express the love of Jesus to people who may normally be unreceptive.

Schindel says most politicians face daily challenges filled with high expectations, long hours and endless criticism by the public and the media.

“Add to that list the stress that comes along with being responsible for everything from the economy, public safety, the environment and education and life becomes pretty intense,” he says.

“Part of what we do is position ourselves to be available in the midst of the storm and to be a source of comfort and strength while we point people to the source of comfort and strength.”

Schindel believes one of the best ways Christians can serve their political leaders is to pray for them.

“It’s important to understand that God has placed these people in positions of leadership and authority over us,” he says. “We don’t always understand why or agree with positions and decisions, but our first responsibility is to pray that God will guide them and direct them as they lead.”

Schindel says another way Christians can get involved is to become political leaders themselves.

“Our world needs good and godly people who understand that political service isn’t about ‘imposing’ our worldview,” he says, “but rather…serving our world through humble and gracious leadership.”

For more information, visit www.leadinginfluence.com.

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