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EFC launches youth-focused “Love Movement” ministry

RICHMOND HILL, ON---The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has launched the Love Movement---an innovative, Canadian, youth-focused initiative, onto its platform. Conceived in 2010 by co-founders Joel Gordon and Ben Porter, the media-rich Love Movement uses television, print, social media, and smart phone technology to teach young adults about a biblical understanding of love and to mobilize them to live out their faith through acts of love and service.

“The EFC’s new vision statement is ‘uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus’,” says EFC president Bruce Clemenger, “and the Love Movement is a perfect expression of this vision in action.”

“We know that youth want to make a difference,” says co-founder Joel Gordon, “and we know that they want to be connected to something bigger than themselves. The Love Movement introduces young adults to the love of Christ and challenges them to take action on what that love means through tangible, practical acts of service.”

The Love Movement starts with a biblical curriculum delivered through media like, Love In Action magazine, the Love Movement app, and and moves on to connect them with frontline ministry opportunities in their communities and beyond.

“The Love Movement captures stories of young adults sharing Christ’s love in action from all our media channels and weaves them into a compelling media-rich, national narrative,” says co-founder Ben Porter, “we then use these stories to create the next iteration of the Love Movement curriculum. So, young adults living out Christ’s love become the curriculum.”

“We learned from the 2011 Hemorrhaging Faith research that young adults engage their faith experientially and collaboratively,” continues Clemenger. “The Love Movement helps churches and youth and young adult ministries make these connections for their youth and young adults.”

Beginning in January 2016 Love In Action magazine will be bundled as a free extra with the EFC’s national magazine, Faith Today.

To learn more about the Love Movement, and to find resources and curriculum visit

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