East of Eden

Every human being has an eternal soul.

Every person is immortal.

There was a time, long ago, when our souls were content

because they were connected with our Creator.

There was a time, in the beginning, when we had shalom.

We were whole.

We were complete.

Sin shattered the shalom and separated us from our Creator.

We are all born East of Eden.

We are all born in exile.

But a memory of Eden is deeply ingrained in our being.

A yearning.

We strive to recover what was lost.

We explore.

We create.

Every generation attempts to build their own Babel.

We sing songs in the dark.

Music is our souls coming up for air.

Gasping for hope.

Grasping for meaning.

Music is the language of the soul, it attempts to articulate the inexpressible within us all.

All the while our souls ache.

Our souls groan.

The only remedy for a grieving soul is the presence of God,

only then can we experience soul serenity.

The Creator is seeking what was lost.

He left Eden to pursue the prodigals.

He came looking for us.

He came looking for you.

To rescue us from our striving.

Don’t run from the rescue.

Embrace it.

Our souls will only be at home in His presence.

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About the author