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Comings and goings

I’ve been around ChristianWeek for a while now, 14 years in November to be exact. I’ve gone through four or five job titles, lived through two major office moves, and worked with nine designers, at least 10 (probably more) editorial assistants and editors of various stripes, various sales folk and a multitude of administrative assistants.

Turnover is more than apple pie around here. It’s a way of life for a small, non-profit publication. Each person that comes through our doors brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the table, even if just for a time. We’ve appreciated each one, and gave them our blessings as they moved on to other endeavours.

And now it’s time to do that again.

First, we say goodbye to our managing editor of the last two years, Rob Horsley. Rob and his wife Courtney will welcome their first baby later this month, and then they’ll be packing up to move to Saskatoon. We’ll miss him. Rob’s brought some great perspective to ChristianWeek, and has been instrumental in developing our online presence in the last year.

We’re also bidding farewell to one of our longest serving writers, Frank Stirk, who is retiring from his role as Senior Correspondent. Frank has been our stalwart, an “old school” journalist with a knack for asking the hard questions when needed, but telling stories in a way that resonates with our readers. His byline may be leaving our pages, but by no means is he done writing. Keep an eye out for a book or two on the horizon.

Thankfully departures have also led to arrivals, and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to some of the newest members of our team.

Jim Cheng joined us in June as an advertising account manager. He’s a welcome addition, and is working hard to get to know our clients across the country.

“I am most looking forward to build relationships with different Christian organizations across the country and help them achieve their marketing goals,” he says. “I am also very excited to get to know people of different backgrounds and learn about their stories, both professionally and personally.”

And as Rob departs, we welcome Steven Sukkau to the post of managing editor. Steven is a graduate of the Communications and Media program at Providence University College, and most recently worked as a reporter at The Winkler Times in Winkler, Manitoba. You may have seen his freelance byline in ChristianWeek over the past few months.

“I’m excited to see God at work through the stories of ordinary people living out the extraordinary calling of the gospel across Canada,” he says. “Stories have this tremendous power for empathy and a call to action in the reader, and I am humbled to be playing a small part in sharing these stories that matter most.

“I can’t wait to see how God uses ChristianWeek and the power of these exciting new mediums of storytelling, like the internet and social media, to wake the world up to what He is doing…to kick back darkness and bring the kingdom of Heaven, here and now.”

These are just some of the people working behind the scenes here at ChristianWeek. As always, we covet your prayers and support as we strive to bring you stories that inform, encourage and inspire.

And if you want to bring us pie, well, we’ll take that, too!

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