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Christian Comic Proves Clean Can Be Funny

Christian comic, Bob Cates, has been nominated for Best Variety Act at September’s Canadian Comedy Awards

Bob Cates of Comedy in Motion has been nominated for Best Variety Act at September’s Canadian Comedy Awards. Being recognized by mainstream professionals as one of the best comedic performers in the country proves you don’t have to be dirty to be funny.

Cates taught himself to juggle as a teen using a book from the library growing up near Forest, Ontario, and he’s still at it. He’s spent years honing his skills, incorporating new ideas into his show, and travelling, and that hard work has paid off. He’s headlined for every major cruise line in America including Disney, appeared at large events such as Breakforth, and been hired to work many corporate and fundraising events. Though there’s a large Christian entertainment industry in the United States, Cates admits there are probably fewer than five fulltime professional non-musical comedy acts in Canada who are Christians.

Cates loves performing for churches and church audiences, but also enjoys performing at corporate and fundraising events. “I think it’s an advantage to be a clean comedian,” says Cates. “Event organizers are under a lot pressure to find somebody who’s funny but won’t offend people. Being dirty is a liability. All it takes is for one person to be offended to ruin it for everyone.”

Over the last several years, Cates has honed his act always looking for new jokes, better costuming and lighting. He’s learned to make sure there are never any “moments of boringness” in the show. “When I’m on stage, I keep it fast-paced and jam packed,” Cates explained.

“I try to put on the kind of show I would like to watch myself.”
“I try to put on the kind of show I would like to watch myself.”

Cates points to his wife, Jane, as the real star of the show. “I thought it would be impossible to find a woman willing to join the business so we could travel together,” Cates’ voice warms as he speaks of his wife. “Jane gave up her personal career, but we’ve been together for seven years straight. We’ve travelled all over the world and on 50 cruise ships together.”

Another addition to the show is Cates’ four year old son. Cates calls his son the secret weapon that makes his show especially unique and appealing to kids of all ages as well as adults. “He doesn’t come to corporate events, but he’ll come to events where there might be other kids. People love him.”

When asked what’s most misunderstood about his work, Cates says people assume a one-hour juggling show will be clowny or silly, and definitely not a show for adults. “I’ll sometimes tell people I’m a magician, ten percent of what I do is illusion, but I’m best described as a variety act,” says Cates who likes to surprise people who are expecting cheesy routines and bad jokes.

“People will speak to me after a show. ‘I heard we were having a juggler, but everybody loved it,’” Cates laugh. “I try to put on the kind of show I would like to watch myself.”

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