World Renew

Background and Purpose:

World Renew has a suite of safeguarding policies, including a Complaints Policy. To strengthen our safeguarding work further World Renew is hiring six Social Inclusion and Safeguarding Coordinators.  The Coordinators will be based in each operational department and, together with Country Focal Points and Regional and IDR Directors, will be integral to the organization’s safeguarding work.  To ensure this model is effective, it is important that all receive a consistent orientation, training to best practices and coaching, as needed.  This one-year consultancy envisages to provide just that – a consistent orientation, pro-active training and ongoing support.

Key Deliverables:

  • Desk review of World Renew policies and resources for Safeguarding and Complaints Handling
  • Key facilitation role in a one-week teambuilding and general orientation, in Kenya , to World Renew policies and current best practices (October 17th – 21st) for +/- 15 staff
  • Development of a “Safeguarding Toolbox” for staff with existing and modified resources and tools
  • Regular (monthly) online training for Complaints and Safeguarding Coordinators (6), Country Focal Points (15) and Regional/IDR Directors (6). Topics will include (but not limited to):
  • Contextualizing the safeguarding framework in country contexts and with partners
  • Creating safe programs and conducting risk assessments
  • Importance and purpose of community feedback mechanisms
  • How to design a feedback and complaints mechanisms
  • Receiving disclosures using Psychological First Aid
  • How to support safeguarding investigations
  • Consistent coaching and follow-up with staff with responsibilities in complaints and safeguarding

Proposal format
Interested parties should prepare a proposal of no more than 3 pages plus annexes. Proposals should contain the following sections:

  • Short biography of consultant/key team members, outlining relevant subject matter expertise and prior experience leading similar projects.
  • High-level work plan included estimated number of days for key project phases and deliverables.
  • Proposed budget in USD.
  • CVs of key staff may be included in the annexes.


Submit proposals to Jacqueline Koster ( by August 1st, 2022


Both individual consultants and organisations specialising in capacity building/technical assistance are welcome to apply.  The successful applicant must be available to travel to Nairobi, Kenya for a face-to-face event October 17th – 21st 2022

Proposal and Budget


World Renew has budgeted approximately  $20,000 USD for this consultation. Budgets will be reviewed with respect to the strength of the proposal in meeting the project objectives in a cost-effective manner, we do not simply prioritise the lowest budget.

As part of the proposal, please prepare a brief budget in USD with the following breakdown:

  • Personnel cost
  • Other direct costs to implement deliverables in table above (such as software costs or subscriptions, exclude travel costs for October event)
  • Overheads
  • VAT and other taxes, if applicable

Qualifications and experience

The successful candidate will have:

  • Experience designing and implementing comprehensive safeguarding systems for aid/humanitarian organisations.
  • Understanding of international best practice on safeguarding.
  • Experience designing and implementing referral pathways and confidential incident reporting systems
  • Demonstrable experience in providing capacity building support to local organisations.
  • Ability to form good working relationships
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly to frontline program staff.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to engage appropriately with staff across various job functions.
  • Excellent cross-cultural skills and ability to contextualize key concepts in various cultural contexts.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications in English (Spanish and/or French a considerable asset)
  • Experience using participatory methods to facilitate inclusive community discussion.
  • Ability to facilitate effective training and develop effective training and performance support resources
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently.