S.A.L.T.S. Sail and Life Training Society

Now hiring for the SALTS 2022 tall ship crew!

Do you have a passion for youth development, love spending time outdoors, and want to sail on board a tall ship? Apply now to work at SALTS! Openings available for Watch Officer, Bosun, and Cook roles.

Watch Officer: Lead a watch (small group) and provide youth mentorship and care to the young people on board the ship

Bosun: Provide mentorship and care while conducting ship maintenance under the guidance of the Captain and First Mate

Cook: Cook meals and an evening snack for everyone on board, and provide mentorship and care

Required: the ability to provide mentorship and Christian spiritual care to young people and a desire to participate in all aspects of shipboard life. Sailing experience is beneficial but not necessary for new crew members; SALTS provides the pre-season and ongoing training needed to fulfill each role.

Contracts begin January 2022 or earlier and continue through December 2022.

Visit salts.ca/careers for more information and to apply!