New Life Church

General Description:  The Worship Ministry Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the people and resources needed to provide inspirational worship services for New Life Church.

Hours: Part-time 24 hours per week, including weekday/weeknight hours and Sundays.

Key Activities: The Worship Ministry Coordinator will work with the Worship Branch and Pastor in the following areas. Primary Activities
•    Church Year – Help organize themes, liturgies, music, litanies, and décor for the church year.
•    Weekly Services – Schedule musicians and all service participants (i.e., worship and technical volunteers) for each week and participate on worship teams as scheduled and needed.
•    Leadership and Volunteers – Recruit, train, and encourage worship leaders and volunteers.
•    Sacraments and Special Services – Help schedule baptisms, profession of faiths, communion, and/or special services.
•    Music – Help develop New Life’s musical library. Ensure that new songs are taught to the congregation and to the applicable musicians.  Transposes music as required.
•    Art – Work with Visual Liturgist and Art as Worship Team.

Secondary Activities
•    Administration – Supports worship leaders, visual liturgist, pastor, and the worship branch administratively.
•    Communication – Ensure that all relevant information regarding services, specials services, and events are communicated through the bulletin, Web site, Facebook and from the pulpit.
•    Meetings – Participate in Worship Branch meetings; staff and attend all relevant meetings as request by the Worship Branch.
•    Management – Manages licensing (e.g., CCLI, One License, Audio Cine Films, Easy Worship, etc.) and serve as librarian of worship and music resources.
•    Equipment – Supervises purchase and maintenance of worship resources including piano, drums, stands, music, and so forth.

Accountability:  Worship Branch and Church Council
•    Shall have musical abilities.
•    Shall have organizational skills.
•    Shall have a heart for God and a vision of worship.
•    Shall be a member of the Christian Reformed Church and committed to the vision of New Life Church as described in the Membership Covenant.
•    Shall have some of the gifts of encouragement, discernment, music creativity, administration, faith, leadership and wisdom.
Resources and Training Needed:
•    Conferences and Workshops
•    Subscriptions to relevant Journals and Online Recourses

Alison Pyper –
Ministry Coordinator, New Life Christian Reformed Church
400 Victoria Rd. N.  Guelph, ON
N1E 5J7