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Canadian Christian leaders give God’s Not Dead 2 rave reviews

During the month of March, Pure Flix Entertainment hosted a series of screenings for the new movie God’s Not Dead 2, giving Canadian Christian leaders a sneak peek of the sequel to the highest-grossing independent faith film of 2014 in the U.S.

With the film already receiving strong, early interest, evidenced by a massive social media fan base of over 8 million Facebook followers, the screenings were filled with key influencers in Abbotsford, Red Deer, Saskatoon, and Waterloo, eager to see the film before it releases across Canada on April 1, 2016.

The story and cast

The film focuses on a Christian teacher (Melissa Joan Hart) who must fight for her job and her reputation after mentioning Jesus when answering a student’s question in her public-school classroom. Her refusal to apologize leads school district officials to enlist a civil liberties group to find her guilty of violating the “separation of church and state.”

God’s Not Dead 2 also stars Jesse Metcalfe, Hayley Orrantia, David A.R. White, Sadie Robertson, Robin Givens, the late Senator Fred Dalton Thompson, Pat Boone, and includes featured appearances of The Newsboys.

What are Canadian Christian leaders saying about God’s Not Dead 2?

“God’s Not Dead 2 is even better than God’s Not Dead…if that’s possible!”

“The movie moved me to stand up for my faith.”

“Thought-provoking and VERY enjoyable…please make more of these movies!”

“Fantastic movie! A must see for everyone!”

“God’s Not Dead 2 covers a relevant issue that needs to be addressed. It’s a good reminder that the fight is not against flesh and blood.”

“This movie builds solid, evidence-based proof for God and hits it out of the park!”

“Truth will prevail. God is not dead!”

“What an extraordinary film! It’s an extremely well done presentation of Christians standing up for their faith and freedom of beliefs and speech.”

“An excellent movie with a powerful Gospel message of challenge and hope to followers of Jesus.”

“God’s Not Dead 2 is a powerful presentation of the truth of the Gospel.”

“An eye-opening, faith-building movie that presents a convincing argument.”

“God’s Not Dead 2 is an incredibly powerful film that depicts the struggle to live out our faith in a society that values what Christianity fights against. A remarkable message of hope and courage.”

“Excellent, authentic and heartwarming.”

“Intense, inspirational and truly empowering to believers of any age.”

“This is a faith- affirming and faith-challenging, feel good movie.”

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About Pure Flix

Pure Flix is the largest faith and family film studio in the world, and has produced, acquired, marketed, and distributed nearly 100 faith and family-friendly properties. With a mission to transform cultures through values-based entertainment, Pure Flix is an industry leader in creating high-quality inspirational feature film content.

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