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    Where is God in suffering?

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    TORONTO, ON—Axel Kazadi’s crisis of faith came to a head when seven friends were tragically killed in a bus accident. Born into a Christian family in the Congo D.R, Kazadi says he brought with him a rich religious upbringing when…Read More→

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    Creating character on the court

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    Faith-based sports camps across Canada are not only helping youth develop skills for their respective disciplines, but they are also helping teens grow in their spiritual lives. Coaches tie in lessons learned on the court with lessons from their own…Read More→

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    Giving a voice to Anabaptist theology

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    LANGLEY, BC—Those heading up Trinity Western University’s new Anabaptist-Mennonite Centre for Faith and Learning are hoping to help deepen Christian thinking in Canada. The centre is a partnership between the Mennonite Faith and Learning Society, a non-profit society that promotes…Read More→

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    Music speaks where words fail

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    NEWTOWN, CT—After his daughter was killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut just over two years ago, Jimmy Greene was sick with grief. Little by little, the physical symptoms lessened, but the aching loss of Ana remained….Read More→

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    Stepping off the treadmill

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    VANCOUVER, BC—Students in Asia are seeking an escape from hierarchical culture and a space to wrestle and understand their faith. And they’re finding it at Regent College. One of those students is Norman Tam, who came to Regent in 2013…Read More→