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    5 tips for an ethical wardrobe

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    It can seem impossible to ensure the next addition to your wardrobe isn’t adding to the global misery of sweatshops and child labour. However, as more and more people focus on Fair Trade and start taking the big brands to…Read More→

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    Filling the gap, going the second mile

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    OTTERBURNE, MB—Providence University College is challenging students to go the second mile. The Otterburne, Manitoba, school launches its Mile Two Discipleship School—a new, intensive approach to the type of experience Providence has historically offered—this fall. “I think Providence has done…Read More→

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    Film Review — Noah

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    It’s been a while since Hollywood’s last Bible-based blockbuster came to the silver screen—long enough to forget just how polarizing the responses can be. Noah, the latest attempt at biblical storytelling on the big screen, stars Russell Crowe as the…Read More→