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    And All the Kings Men

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    When it comes to division in the Church, the enemy knows every trick in the book. So, let’s not think for a minute that any churchgoer—governing board member or baby-coddling nursery worker—might be exempt from work-life politics and human-plagued impulses……Read More→

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    Riptide Faith

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    The world’s pull is strong… Even if we are strong Christians, it can sweep us away—like a riptide—in the blink of an eye. It can push Jesus’s Word and authority from view, pulling us, our loved ones and our faith…Read More→

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    What is Shaky-Church Syndrome?

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    Brainstorming ChristianWeek’s Be the Church series after breakfast today, in my midst are not one, not two, but three children: sitting and standing, chitting and chatting, and occasionally (and when I least expect it), doing a bit of school work….Read More→

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    future church

    Future Church

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    If ten, thirty or even fifty years ago, you were asked to imagine the future church, what do you think you would have seen?  A bell-and-steeple, brick-and-mortar building on every street corner? … An all-you-can-preach, open mic night on Fridays…Read More→